Weekend Web Wonders

Happy 4th of July Weekend!! What could be better than a long weekend of patriotism, cookouts, and water activities with friends and fam?! I am going with friends to a lake house and hoping to experience all of the above!

In the meantime, pour yourself a glass of lemonade or iced coffee and curl up to my Weekend Web Wonders. This is a weekend series I will post regularly to share my top 10 links of interesting articles, what I am dying to add to my wardrobe, and my favorite things right now.


1. A decorative, tasty and healthy dish for 4th of July (with in season/cheap fruit)

2. Some love and truth for my single girls during wedding season

3. The perfect summer sandals I can’t stop looking at– now on SALE (the leopard or the plain black are both winners in my book)

4. Some skin saving tips you need to learn before going out in the sun this weekend

5. Helpful tips to prevent money madness 

6. A word on the ‘essentialness’ of essential oils (I’m a fan of Lavender, Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint)

7. How to get someone to fall in love with you (using science)

8. What I’ve been watching on Hulu lately 

9. The most beautiful dress -now an additional 20% off using code “saleaway“)

10. My latest guilty pleasure (clicking the nutrition tab not recommended)

Enjoy the long weekend! I’d love to read any comments about your thoughts on this edition of Weekend Web Wonders and your 4th of July plans.

And don’t forget: baby, you’re a firework



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