Weekend Web Wonders

Hi readers!

I’m posting this edition of Weekend Web Wonders just in time for it to still be considered the weekend. I returned late last night from a week long adventure in Weaverville, NC with my high school friends at a Young Life camp (more on that later). So, today has been filled with rest, reflection and refuel (aka church from bed and a writing session at Whole Foods).


How are you spending your Sunday? Whatever you are doing I hope you enjoy my favorite links from the web!


1. Nail(ed) it-cute and simple manicure idea

2. Copy cat recipe of Chipotle rice and beans (using ingredients in your pantry)

3. Just another reason why individuality exists

4. An everyday lip color

5. A ring that the Bachelorette and I both love (and its look-a-likes)

6. Who YOU should vote for in the 2016 election (quiz)

7. Why pony tails are no longer a last resort hair do (#5, 11 & 12 are my favorites)

8. A healthy and tasty chicken salad recipe (6 ingredients)

9. The prettiest notebooks (my favorite prints are “pineapples pink”, “cubic” & “blue antique floral”)

10. Pictures that make me want to cut my hair


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