Style Report: A Jean{ius} new trend to wear a classic

Hi readers!

Welcome to my first Style Report post which includes trends that I have been loving, how to achieve it, and where to find it.

Spell+&+The+Gypsy+CollectiveDenim has always been a classic piece located in anyones and everyones closet. Thankfully in order to spruce up your wardrobe there are always new trends to wear denim. My latest favorite could be the perfect transition to take you from summer to fall. Hello, patch work denim!

Now, I know what your thinking, “I am either going to look like a hippy or a farmhand.” Here is an article to help you avoid that. But, this is do-able street-style trend that adds funk and 70’s vibes to a plain tshirt in soft neutrals (like white, black, gray, even blue). Don’t believe me, still? Read this.

Below are a few of my favorite ways to wear patchwork denim, and who said I just said pants qualify!

1. Jeans for the simple gals on a budget (Old Navy) (P.S. They are on sale!)cn97063062. Chic overalls for the big spenders (Anthropologie) (P.S. They are also on sale!)


3. A mini skirt with big style and a average price point (American Eagle)


Will you be trying out the patchwork denim trend? What would you pair it with? What other trends have been on your fashion horizon?



***I do not own the rights to any of these photos


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