How To Make Your House A Home

Hi readers,

As the summer continues to fly by I find my moving date approaching (cue the stress tears).

Moving is something that is very familiar to me, given that I have lived in 4 different states and now 15 different places throughout my childhood and young adult life. Although, I accredit moving to making me very adaptable, organized and okay with change it doesn’t mean I am a pro. When I move all my belongings from one place to the next, it always feels foreign at first, the blank empty walls, the odd smell, the bare space. But, I always think about how the place I am mourning to leave was once a place that felt the same way. That’s because eventually after a few steps, a house/apartment/condo/box can become a home.


First of all, what a gift to be able to have a living thing in your apartment when an animal is out of the question. I love plants. I love how little energy and attention they require but, how they bring large amounts of beauty and growth into a place. I didn’t always be this way…when I was little my mom used to call her plants “prayer plants” meaning that God would tell her when they needed to be watered….ok girl haha. Or another example of a crazy plant man (00:36-00:48). Also, some plants are known to help purify the air and an appearance of a plant is known to be a stress reliever. Here are the best indoor plants and below are pictures of my little guys.

Snake plant (a few months old)          


Succulent (almost a year old)image6

Cactus (6 years old)image5


When you light a candle, magical things happen. They have a way of making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and can make you feel at home no matter where you are. Also, humans have Olfactory Memory which is the strong connection between odors and the recollection of memories, more than any other of the six senses. So, buy a candle that reminds you of your grandmothers house, your favorite tree in your old backyard, or anything you want to be reminded of that feels like home. Here are a few of my favorites:

simple and lovely with touches of grapefruit and lavender 

like clean laundry and lavender in the best way

for something a little more sensual

Collections/ Knick knacks/ Heirlooms

Last but certainly one of the most important steps of making your new place a home is collecting things from here and there that when combined says to people who you are and what your story is. Decorating with items that you take with you from one place to the next gives you a sense of whats familiar and the opportunity to display what is important to you, what makes you happy, and giving an old piece new life. Here are a few of my favorite things to display no matter where I’m living:

This Anthropologie mug that I got from a sweet friend to display my collections of lipstick/glosses


A canvas from high school that no one believes I painted (I did, I promise!)image2-2

A pretty way to showcase old photographs of people I don’t get to see everyday like my grandparents, parents and brother, along with sweet notes from friends and the occasional dried flowerimage1-3

What do you think makes a house a home? What are your favorite candles, plants and collections?

Happy home making!




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