What the ocean teaches us about God: A lesson from Job

Recently, I have been reading the Book of Job in The Bible. Throughout the book, I have learned and been reminded that God is good, always and all ways by reading how Job  lost everything yet, remained faithful.

Some of this goodness has including seeing God’s love for us in the great descriptions written in Job. Below is one of my favorite verses I have stumbled upon thus far.


Job 26:10“He sets a boundary for the ocean”

The ocean has always been one of my favorite things/places. The familiar smell of the salt water. The reckless attraction of the dangerous waves.

I think this verse gives me another reason to love the ocean…

That something so big can remain so free, so wild at heart. Then, to think that God has set a boundary for the ocean…so that the salted waves will not pass a line in the sand yet the ocean feels no restriction as it gently kisses the shore at each tidal wave.

I have to wonder whether this is a simplified version of God’s relationship with us, his children.


We are his messy, wild children who have an unpredictable mind of our own that makes us dangerous due to our free will. But, that from a birds eye view the ocean has a plan. The ocean is controlled by destiny, otherwise known as God’s plan. He restricts us by giving us only what we can handle and keeps us safe by watching over us like a lifeguard.

But that’s not the role God likes to play with us. Although he likes keeping us safe, I don’t think our God likes to stand over us, blowing his whistle if we make a mistake. He wants to live in the water with us, He wants us to say to him everyday “God, I don’t want you to just be my life guard, I want you to be my friend and live life with me.”

And when you do wander, that he will welcome you home in such a natural, loving way. Much like the way a wave reunites with the shore until it pulls away again.

This is why there are songs written about “my life being in the hands of the Maker.” Because, the One who made the ocean and set a boundary for something so messy and what appears to be uncontrollable is also the Maker of you (also something so messy and what appears to be uncontrollable.)

My favorite part is that He doesn’t ask us to change either. But that by accepting His love and grace it will change you.

IMG_5655Thank you God…

For never cramping my freedom

For always having a plan

For welcoming me home each time I wander

For giving me restrictions to protect me

For offering me a love so great and grace so big that it have changed me

And thank you friends, for reading. I hope you feel an embrace of God’s love which is so extravagant yet so simple at the same time. I hope you appreciate the beauty God surrounded us with to help us understand who He is and how He loves us. I hope this gave some insight and helped you appreciate The Book that was written for us to learn and to fall in love with the Maker of heaven, the ocean and us.





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