Back to School

“Back to School” a phrase that can include so many emotions of excitement, dread, newness, and stress.

On August 17th I will begin my senior year of college. It’s hard to believe but I think as far as school experience I’m considered an expert now.

That being said there are a few rituals I do to prepare me for the school year that I will pass on to you all. Enjoy, grasshoppers.

Plan(ner) Ahead: Day Designer

It’s hard to be a functioning person these days without being devoted to your planner.Between school, work, sorority, Young Life, and small group, things in life can easily slip through the cracks. I have also found that nothing is a priority if you don’t make it one. I am a very visual person so being able to write dates and to-do lists down give me a overall better idea of my day. Even spending time with Jesus is an appointment that I miss frequently if I am not intentional about scheduling it. I have tried many planners over the years or organize my crazy beautiful life and I have found that Day Designer works best for me. I love how it has a running schedule for every hour of the day (5am-9pm) with a coordinating to-do list (test run a page here). Along with additional boxes I use for my school assignments, people to pray for that day and sweet reminders as desired. Plus, look how pretty it is?!?! I receive so many compliments on its chic design which brings me to say “YES, it’s worth the price.”

August 26th Day Designer 2015 Planner designs are releasedimage1-1.PNG


In addition to having a hearty planner, school supplies shouldn’t stop there. Remember in elementary school when you and your mom would take that yearly trip to Staples? I would thrive getting to pick out colored sticky notes, highlighters, anything that made something ordinary look cute and fun I was all about. This ritual would make me excited about school to use all my new things that brought a bit of happiness and sunshine to 7 hour school days. This year, don’t skip out on the small things that make a big difference, you’re worth it. My favorites are these pens and this notebook that has 5 folders and note space for my 5 classes (this year I got it in white so I can decorate with black sharpie).


In addition here are a few of my favorite links about school and my other necessities:

10 Tips To Improve Your Focus

When your stressed, remember…

Rainy days made better with this jacket

When you need a little kick (I love this flavor)

Wishing you all a great school start with strong coffee, short to-do lists and tons of encouragement!




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