Weekend Web Wonders

Hello weekenders!

Today I am running some last minute errands and packing, all in my new equally cute and comfy shirt from Ahimsa Clothing (#1 on the list and featured down below). Sending “super love” to all of you as I head off to Georgia to experience a Young Life Leader Retreat. I am so excited to get back into the routine of entertaining you all with my favorite links around the web. Hopefully, you get some time to catch up on some new posts up on Delightfully Alexis! Wishing you all the most fun and restful weekend.


Thank you, as always for reading!

  1. Super love tank from a brand that I really super love
  2. Top super foods/heroes for skin and nails
  3. Fashion inspiration and information
  4. Wine but don’t complain with this favorite
  5. Going wild for this sleep romper
  6. My favorite combination of yoga, humor and pillows
  7. Pretty in pink (and gray and blue)
  8. A trendy tool
  9. The fruits of the spirit put in a new light
  10. Unexpectedly great iced coffee




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