Weekend Web Wonders

Hi readers!
Happy weekend to you all! If you are like me and have fall break Monday and Tuesday, this weekend was highly anticipated, even more than usual.
I am excited to say I am writing this from the beach right now surrounded by my best friends and roommates and I couldn’t be happier. Hoping for a long weekend of sunny days, deep talks, eating sea food, lounging and complete relaxation with my favorite people in my favorite place. Life is good.
What are you highly anticipating this weekend?
When is your fall break? (if you have one) What are your plans?

  1. Jack(et) of all trades
  2. Get Ready
  3. What food matches your personality?? (I’m a burrito and it’s so fitting)
  4. Inspirational quote
  5. A fashion blog dedicated to the everyday girl
  6. An apple dessert recipe with a healthy twist 
  7. Elf does it again, a magical product and price tag? (favorite lip tint)
  8. The best vest for your fall wardrobe 
  9. Im sure you can relate…fall is hot
  10. Made me LOL




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