Let Him be glorified

So, I did something I actually never thought I would do. I got a tattoo!!! If you know me, you probably have trouble believing this statement. I never thought getting a tattoo was truly “me”, even though I loved the look, meaning and message you could create and share with the world by getting a tattoo.

But, here I am.

I wanted to write a blog post not to brag about my courage or something cool I did but, I wanted to write about why I got the tattoo which was to share the gospel through my testimony.

When I was younger and especially in high school I found myself doodling triangles. I would draw triangles anywhere I could, on school desks, on my hand, on all my notebooks and countless other places. I would draw them because it required all of my attention. I would have to strictly focus on the symmetry and straight lines, causing me to forget all other things, even just for a moment. It would cause my mind to stop going a mile a minute. It would allow me to be still.

As some of you know I was not a believer in high school. There was no part of me that wanted to apart of God, who I thought He was and His rules and the boring lifestyle I thought Christians lived. And I didn’t even think God was real anyways…

But, when I came to college, I was surrounded by people who called themselves Christians. But, they were unlike anyone and thing I have experienced before. These people lived life so full and freely, radiating such joy, understanding and passion.

I soon learned about who their Savior was, a great man named Jesus and how He died so we don’t have to be who we used to be anymore. I learned how incredibly precious I am to God, The One who created me and how He loved me enough to send perfect His Son to save imperfect me.

I started to really get it. I began to understand that only true satisfaction, rest, grace and blessings all come from God and my life started to make sense. It was like spending time with God and getting to know him was like drawing triangles it required all of my attention, focusing on him, causing me to forget all other things, even just for a moment. He was the only thing that would cause my mind to stop going a mile a minute. He would allow me to be still.IMG_8410One of my favorite things I learned about when becoming a believer was the mysterious yet completely transparent idea of The Holy Trinity, God in three forms. The best I can explain The Holy Trinity is that all good and perfect things are and from The Father, through The Son and in The Holy Spirit.

Also, one of my favorite bible verses that is near and dear to me is John 3:30 “He must become greater and greater and I must become less and less.” This means His role in my life must increase and more praise and glory must be brought to his name and I must decrease along with my plan and selfish desires. I think this verse encompasses the perfect harmony that God designed for us to live in with Him.

Both of this things can be represented with the symbol of a triangle, something that I have drawn over and over again but, only recently realized why. In essence this is a big part of my testimony because without God and the story of The Cross my life simply doesn’t make sense. He has transformed me, brought beauty from the ashes and for that I want to glory Him and His works.

So, I was inspired by James 2:7 that says, “Jesus Christ, whose noble name I bear” to get a tattoo symbolizing His great works in my life. I did this in hoping that by bearing his name through the symbol of a triangle on my body that I can glorify Him through sharing my testimony anytime someone asks about my tattoo. And thats why I got it.

Thank you as always for reading,



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