City Guide- Panama City, Florida

Hey fabulous readers,

Tis the season for fall break and I hope that has inspired the wanderlust in all of you! I’m a firm believer in traveling and love that I get to share this City Guide series with you all of my latest adventures that will hopefully encourage and help you all with your future trips or just for overall entertainment of reliving my trips with me!

One of my beloved roommates, Kalie has a condo right on the beach owned and rented out by her family in Panama City, Florida. So, she invited all of us roommates to venture out of Chattanooga for fall break and become beach babes!! Side note on how incredibly sweet it is to live in a house with girls that love each other so much and so well that our idea of relaxation and fun when we get a break is still  wanting to spend time with each other!


Also, when it comes to traveling, a place to stay is usually what takes up a large part of your budget for the trip. So, I was relieved to know that we all would just have to pay for food, gas and fun at the beach! What a gift to have free stay!

We embarked on our journey Friday afternoon and 6 1/2 hours later we arrived in PCB. I have never been to PCB before because of all the horror spring break stories I normally stay in Destin or Seaside when I go to the beach. But, I was delighted to find that it was a chill city with some local hidden gems.


When we first arrived to the condo the first thing I wanted to do was run down to the beach, put my toes in the water and smell the ocean air. And trust me, we did.

IMG_8298 On Saturday we were total beach bums spending all day down by the ocean. Once we got hungry we headed in and then headed out for dinner.


We went to a seafood restaurant called Boon Docks in the West Bay area. It was a total local spot with a menus that was made for indecisive people like me because if you couldn’t choose between two things you could do half and half! The restaurant was relatively inexpensive for seafood because it was mostly fried. I ordered half Fried Shrimp and half Devil Crab which was baked crab meat mixed with bread crumbs, with onion rings, green beans and hush puppies as my sides for $19.99 (not including tax or tip). I was obviously a happy girl as you can see!!

IMG_8304  IMG_8303  IMG_8305
Following dinner we decided we wanted to have a night out on the town and some locals recommended a beach club called Spinnakers. The good news is there was no cover charge because it was ladies night and the bad news is there wasn’t a lot of people there. It was a really great venue, a lot of open spaces indoors and outdoors with multiple levels but the music selection was lacking. Of course my friends and I made the best of it even though we were the only ones dancing for awhile. I’m sure during spring break season and summer that beach club is the place to be though!


The next day was a delightful repeat of spending all day beachin’ with my friends. For dinner on Sunday I was on the hunt for fresh, raw oysters so we went to Shrimp Boat Restaurant, which is a bit of an upgrade from Boon Docks. My oyster craving was satisfied with a dozen sold at market price (10.99) and a baked potato for my side.



That night we weren’t planning on going out but we heard about another bar in the area that is more popular were locals hang out called Ms Newby’s. Whenever we arrived we walked into the outdoor open bar/stage area that looked like a total biker bar, we clearly did not belong haha. But, we decided to check it out anyways. We were surprised to find an indoor bar area with darts and foosball and an upstairs with a patio. It ended up being a great night!


The next day we spent the day on the beach again, no surprise. Then later that afternoon we departed back home.

It was such a great trip spent with my beloved roomies! Beach trips are really different than traveling to other places because you don’t really go out to eat or shop or see the sights as much. However, I wanted to share with you all a City Guide of a few tips and recommendations in case you ever find yourself in PCB! Hope you enjoyed! FullSizeRender (1)




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