Get well

Hi friends,

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. Unfortunately, I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Okay, a lot under the weather but no worries I promise this post is not contagious!

Tis the season for yucky colds and since I have been bed stricken these past couple days I have had some time to think and acquired some tips on sickness survival.


First of all, the idea of becoming sick is so telling about our bodies and the life we live. Most of the time the best way to avoid getting sick is getting a lot of rest, eating good fuel food, and taking care of yourself. But, when you are in college and life just happens, my physical health is sometimes my last priority. So, when our immune systems can fight no more our body starts to shut down. Your body makes you stop, pay attention, and requires some TLC. This means slowing down, canceling meetings, calling out of work, skipping class and putting all obligations on hold.

In today’s world it is so easy to feel invincible. Instant relief is offered to any and all your problems. Our lives operate with a no excuse policy and our schedules are constantly jam packed. We get so busy and life gets so chaotic that noise surrounds us and drowns out what is actually important.

Why do we do this?

Why do we fill every minute of our schedule with an obligation or plans?

I read a life changing book by Jim Branch called “Becoming” that dares to ask the question-

“Why are we so occupied- and even preoccupied-that it is next to impossible for anyone or anything other than what is loudest and most demanding, to get our attention on any consistent basis?”

This is all very good food for thought and I don’t have all the answers.

All I know is that spending quality time with my God, taking care of myself and finding rest in stillness every once in awhile is far more important than any email I need to respond to, any errand I need to run and honestly a lot of other things that I fill my schedule with.

Being sick has made me realize that I want to recognize what is important, not just what is urgent.

Summed up perfectly by Jim Branch, “And when I do slow down and become more present to God and to people, the world actually gets a much better me in the bargain. And I receive freedom, freedom from the demands of both my insecurity and my world, freedom from needing anyone or anything to define me or determine my worth, freedom to say “yes” and “no” as God directs, rather than as my fearful heart demands or determines.”

I hope this inspires you to slow down and remind you what is important, just like it did for me.

Also, I have included a couple items that were in my sick survival kit!

  1. Olbas Oil– found wherever essential oils are sold! I got mine at Whole Foods and this little guy has lasted me for 2 years now. This oil includes all the best stuff for you to put on your pillow before you fall asleep, put on the bottom of your shower while the water heats up, on the inside of your wrists and neck and even on tissues before you use them. Its great for congestion.
  2. Simply Orange– Its a little more expensive than regular orange juice but trust me, its the good stuff. I drank a gallon of it while I was sick and its a good way to keep your immune system up and running.
  3. Hulu plus– When you can’t get out of bed, this is the best entertainment. I binged watched The Hills and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
  4. Frozen yogurt– I started to get cabin fever so my best friend and I treated ourselves. Perfect for a sore throat.
  5. Cold cream– This is best when your skin is really dry and dehydrated.
  6. Black tea– When I’m sick I like to always to have a kettle with hot water in it on the stove so I can have tea with honey throughout the day.
  7. Pinterest– Always fun to look at, especially for this time of year! While I was home sick I made my christmas list, discovered gift ideas and recipes for the holidays. Follow me at @alexiscscott for all my pins!
  8. Progressive Soup– Chicken Noodle Soup will always be a classic, this is my favorite kind to stock up on.
  9. Darling Magazine– Its the kind of reading material that you can’t just flip through. It was such a treat to read and treasure this magazine page by page.
  10. A cozy blanket– A must have on sick days, this blanket is my favorite.

Thanks for reading!

Wishing you happy and healthy days ahead,



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