Weekend Web Wonders

Happy Birthday, Jesus and Merry Christmas to all!!

I hope each one of you is spending the day in their pjs with your beloved friends and family. Eyes set on a twinkling tree, board games and Christmas movies. Stomachs full of coffee, brunch and left over cookies from Santa. Hearts set on the reason for the season and the reason for life -Jesus. Let us rejoice today and everyday that Love came down and rescued us, Love came down and set us free. Here are my ten favorite festive links from the web, enjoy!


1. Born is The King- devotional for today

2. “Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix”

3. Forever my favorite Christmas album 

4. The perfect sleep romper to lay around in all day, now 30% off sale with code “YOUWIN”

5. The verse that keeps showing up everywhere

6. Keep this burning all day (or season) long, now 50% off

7. Cheers to the best holiday beer

8. My lips aren’t sealed when it comes to sharing the best holiday lipstick shade

9. Be a baker with this recipe for my favorite holiday treat

10. An article about bringing back our childhood wonder

How/where are you spending your Christmas holiday? What are your favorite treats? How do you rejoice?


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