Weekend Web Wonders

Hi weekenders,

I’m so happy to be in Chattanooga and back in the swing of things. On Monday I started the last semester of my college career. I am so thrilled for all the excitement these last few bittersweet months will bring including a new internship doing PR for Keller Williams, treasured time with my Young Life girls, living with my Big Blue Babes, working at the Financial Wellness Center, meetings with my Core Group gals and being an active Delta Alpha Chi Omega. WOW, God is so good. In order to soak it all up, I have made a “bucket list” with my friends (highly recommended) and overall trying to be really present.

In the meantime, I am thankful to have a long weekend to take it all in before the craziness fully sets in. So far my friends and I have tried out the newish restaurant, STIR where we had the most incredible raw oysters and blackened fish tacos. It’s also is initiation weekend for Chi Omega which is such a sweet time because new members can officially become sisters. A short road trip home is also on the agenda.


What do you have planned this weekend? Whatever it is I hope you take time to rest and explore my 10 favorite links from along the web!

1. A pretty cool Tumblr

2. New favorite snack

3. What I’ve been listening to (makes time on the treadmill fly by)

4. New Year resolutions for everybody: how to create better habits

5. My newest arm candy

6. The tinest, most perfect mints to keep in your purse

7. Can you handle how dope this tumbler is??

8. Go watch this 

9. Inspirational quote central

10. My favorite new dress, perfect with boyfriend jeans and a cardigan




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