Weekend Web Wonders

Hello long but hopefully not lost blog friends,

I know many weekends have come and gone since I have posted in the blog. But, life has just been happening lately and I have really embraced it this semester. So, here I am, my last weekend as a college student before I start my “big girl” job on Monday. To catch up all my readers I want to share with you all a couple things that I have caught my eye and been on my heart lately and incorporate that in this edition of Weekend Web Wonders. So, as always, enjoy!IMG_0362

  1. On the agenda this weekend: Furniture shopping with my besties. Currently all of my furniture (except my bed) was made, bought at Goodwill/Thrift store or given to me- welcome to college. As a graduation present I am picking out a new chair and dresser for my future apartment. So far I am head over heels for this chair!!
  2. My new favorite restaurant that has created quite the ‘stir’ in Chattanooga. I really love good seafood and fun local restaurants so when STIR popped up last semester, I was all in. However, STIR is not ideal for a college budget: introduce happy hour. On Monday-Friday from 4-6:30 STIR features $1 raw oysters, $1.50 blackened fish tacos and $2 off wine to name a few of my favorites.
  3. Lately, I have been indulging in the TV show Quantico, an action packed series focused on recruits of the FBI base. The show constantly keeps me on the edge of my seat and I highly recommend!
  4. I just finished the book Scary Close by Donald Miller and it has been such a beautiful whirlwind. Every page contains ground breaking truths (and underlining, note taking, highlighting worthy words) that will rock your world and change the way you view relationships and people in the best way.
  5. The most beautiful spring shirt and a wonderful price. I really do think this top was made for me…
  6. A perfect spring scent (yet another candle from Bath and Body Works)
  7. A snack approved by Kourtney Kardashian
  8. My best friend’s thoughts on control and self worth that has changed my life
  9. The search is over for the trendy and affordable sandals
  10. A guide to spring cleaning




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