“Jesus” as told by a biker gang and a pimp my ride truck

I believe stories of God revealing himself to me are the stories that never get old so, I felt inclined to share.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Yesterday, on my way to work I passed a Hispanic driver in a decked out truck, you know, the kind with the rims, the tint, the works. When I looked a little closer to read the large font sticker at the top of his windshield I was completely taken back… “Dios es amor” which means “God is love” in Spanish.

Then again today, on my way to Nashville I passed by this biker gang full of older men with long ponytails and tattoos. As I looked closer to see what words were stitched to the back of their leather cut offs I found myself shocked again…. “Soldiers of Jesus” said the vests.

The lesson here is the one of the oldest yet, most disregarded lessons… Don’t judge a book by its cover, like I did…

Thank you, God for the reminder that your children come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and speak all languages. Thank you, God for knitting together a beautiful and diverse family that knows no bounds and allows everyone to bring something different to the table. I was humbled and surprised by this sweet reminder but, I didn’t stop there.

It made me think, what message do I figuratively wear on my back or have on the front of my windshield? Do my everyday actions reflect Jesus?

So, here I am, being ministered to by a “pimp my ride” truck and a biker gang. Which is something I never thought I would say but, isn’t that the best part about Jesus? He shows up when and where you least expect Him too. He shows me that although I feel unworthy, I too can carry His testimony and love into my everyday actions, just like these people did.

God doesn’t just move in a church pew. He knows your heart (he created it after all) and so He knows the best ways to get our attention. For us to stop, eat a bite (or a lot) of humble pie and remember what He has called us to: scream it from the mountain and tell it to the masses that He is God, even though it might not always look like what you thought.


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