“The Bread of Life can never go stale”

This blog post was inspired by the church sign outside Ridgeview Baptist off Brainerd Road. Before I moved last month, this church was right by my house and I would often take a longer route home just to pass by it on the way. This church has the best signs. Seriously, the phrases are so dead on I am convinced God puts them up just for me to see. But, I am sure I am not the only one that thinks this.

That is what I love about words, always open for interpretation. Often, what I think a phrase means is not necessarily what the next person thinks it means. But, it is the same phrase, isn’t that cool?? So, if you too passed by this exact sign in Chattanooga I would love it if you shared with me what it meant to you.

When I saw this sign, it reminded/ convicted me that choosing God is a daily act. Which got me thinking, our spiritual life and what we make of it is a lot like meal planning, something I have been trying to tackle lately.

Stay with me here…

Sunday afternoon I lay everything out…the meals that worked, the food I liked and what I just felt good eating. I also lay out what meals didn’t work, which recipes were disastrous, the food that drained me and the meals that didn’t satisfy. When I take time to reevaluate my life I often do the same…what activities made me feel closer to God, what worked, what I liked and what just felt good. When reevaluating my life I also think about what made me feel distant from God, what drained me, what was disastrous, and what activities didn’t satisfy.

Then, I prepare accordingly. For example, I am not just going to buy junk food because that is not the nourishment I need. I am choosing the nourishment I need when I buy healthy food. Which also leaves me drawing conclusions from my spiritual life. What do I need to start or stop doing to feel closer to God? For example, scheduling time in my day to read my bible, praying often, selflessly serving His people, attending worship services, talking about Him with other believers.

Once I figure this out though, we all know its a whole other ball game when we get to the store….Or when it comes time to do the things we said we were going to do because they make our soul feel whole and make us feel close to God. Sadly, temptations, excuses and the price give us reasons to abandon our plan and just go with what our cravings tell us to do instead of what our soul needs. Both at the store and when we plan our quiet time with Jesus or to serve, etc.

Throughout the week, it requires some serious devotion and discipline to stick to the plan (both the meal plan and my spiritual life)… and so often I make the wrong decision and I am left watching my fruit rot on the counter.

Thats because choosing the Lord over other temptations, commitments and excuses is a daily decision. And it isn’t easy…

The good news about this metaphor is that the true “Bread of Life” aka Jesus, never goes stale. No matter how many times you fail… He is there to sustain you and give you true love that always satisfies. So, I want to prepare my heart and sacrifice my time to make Jesus apart of my life today and everyday. Will you join me?

Psalm 37:23 “The steps of a man are established by The Lord when he delights in his way.”








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