What my dirty, smelly puppy taught me about sin

As most of you know, I became a mom on June 9th to an adorable, fuzzy butt Corgi named Nugget. I am smitten 🙂 Also, as some of you know having a puppy is hard… the teething, winning, potty training, constant walking, vet bills, etc seems endless. But, I will say puppies are so worth the cuddles, kisses and endless love.  Nugget has taught me so much about selflessness, joy, patience and care. I know, I know, it sounds silly that a puppy is teaching me things when I should be teaching it how to sit, potty outside, not to chew on things, etc… But, isn’t that always the way it goes??

The other day I started to notice that whenever Nugget encounters something gross, he loves to rub himself all over it… Yep, pretty disgusting habit… Whether it be a dead bird, mud, trash, worms, “the dirtier and smeller the better” is Nugget’s motto. And I am telling you, he literally puts one shoulder down and rolls all in it, like a kid in a candy store over this nasty stuff and I just don’t get it! But, time after time, once I see he has gotten himself into a mess I laugh, roll my eyes, pick him up and head straight for the bath.

I am sharing this with you all because yesterday, when Nugget did this routine I stopped and realized what it reminded me of….my sin.

On a small scale, I think this is what the relationship is like between us and our Heavenly Father when we sin… Sometimes we find ourselves in the dirtiest, nastiest place we could end up, with sin smeared all over us, head to toe, helpless and confused how we ended up here without a clue about how to get out. Then, we call His name, our sweet Lord. I think He looks at us with loving eyes and picks us up. He doesn’t laugh at us, he doesn’t get grossed out, he doesn’t ask questions. He just wants to wash us clean again.

How crazy is that? That there is no mess too big or too dirty for God to get us out of. That there is no sinful grime that is too tough for God to wash clean because of Jesus’ sacrifice. That there is no judgement in how we got there but only desire to get us out and become new once again. God is so so good. And although a puppy and owner example is almost laughable to the amount that God loves and cares for us, this is how He spoke to me and I wanted to share. We sure do have a good good Father.







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