Blessings & other things we didn’t think we needed

If you live in Tennessee, especially in the Chattanooga area, you know all too well about our dire need for rain. The drought has even caused wild fires, prompting Tennessee to declare a state of emergency.

So, I have been praying for rain, and to be honest, I have felt pretty ridiculous about it. This is because whenever I wake up and I discover it is raining, its a terrible pain to pick an outfit, also throughout the day my hair always looks awful and when I am inside my shoes annoyingly squeak. The chances are, unless you are home, snuggled up in a blanket, reading a book, you hate rainy days too. Going back I remember even wishing the rain away due to my own annoyance and the changes I had to make in order to adapt to the weather. Yet, there I was asking God if He would bring back the rain.

“Lord, will you give back that thing I didn’t like or appreciate at the time? I need it now. Thank you.”

This is a prayer I find myself praying too often and again, I feel pretty ridiculous.

Why is it that we only choose to truly accept and be thankful for God’s blessings in our life when we need them/ when the blessings are no longer there? If they are not wanted at the moment, we often skip on by these blessings and sometimes even wish them away…. like your annoying but incredibly precious sibling, like your average but otherwise perfect car, like your messy but incredibly joyful roommate, like your exhausting but bill paying job, like your nagging but usually right parents, like rain…

I am reminded how many blessings God has given me, but how few I actually notice and acknowledge as true blessings.

So, here I am, looking out the window and it’s pouring. God has given us back the very thing most of us have wished away, rain. But, why? Because He is faithful in that His steadfast love endures forever. Even when we, His children take Him for grant and wish away His blessings, His love is always never changing.

I may be a little late on the Thanksgiving post but, really being thankful should be a constant state, not a season. Who is with me? Let’s be reminded of the Psalm 136 heart of God and be grateful for our blessings, even the ones we didn’t think we needed…


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