True Giving

Merry Merry Christmas!!

I hope your day has been filled with hope and joy as we celebrate the day that hope and joy became a person. Happy Birthday, Jesus.

This Christmas was really different for me. To be honest, Christmas hasn’t been the same since my parent’s divorce. For those with broken families, my heart goes out to you. Whether the brokenness is from divorce, death, family feud, etc let us remember that Jesus, light of the world came to relieve us of all pain and suffering by giving our life a purpose and a giving us eternal life. Rejoice in the fact that no matter how dark life can seem, His light will always shine through.

On the other hand, my family has been able to start new Christmas traditions, which is fun! This year we traveled to Arizona and drove through Southern California (no worries and travel guide is coming soon!) for Christmas vacation. It is never too late to create new traditions, remember all traditions were new at some point!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? And which ones will you carry on to your own family one day?

Besides traveling, the other thing that made this Christmas particularly unusual was we didn’t give gifts. Which to be honest, I love gifts. I love buying really good, thoughtful gifts and watching your loved one’s face of surprise and joy when they open it. And who doesn’t love receiving gifts too?! Giving is the most joyful part of the Christmas season. But, we decided to be more minimalistic this year because we would be traveling for so long and it surprisingly reduced so much stress. And although, I didn’t give gifts to my family friends, we still gave…

One example was at my church in Chattanooga, Hamilton Life. The church posted the names of children living in a local group home along with their age and sizes. Whenever the pastor initially told us about this opportunity, it was on my heart the whole service. Afterwards, my best friend and I agreed that instead of giving each other presents, we would sponsor a child’s Christmas. So, we went to Target and envisioned our kid with what little information we had and started picking out gifts.

Honestly, out of all the Christmas gifts I have ever bought, shopping for this kid with my sweet friend was the best ever. We were so giddy and excited, throwing anything and everything into our cart that he might like that we got to the register and realized we were almost double the assigned limit… And we didn’t want other kids in the group home to experience any unfairness so we put some things back… But, in that moment I couldn’t have loved more what Jesus had done in our hearts. He showed us true feeling of giving a really good gift…

Remember there is still time and always time to give to our neighbors…  As humans, we are naturally selfish and are routed to constantly focus on our own needs and agenda, let’s fight that. I pray I will always be reminded of selfless, joyful giving and I pray you will too, friend!!

Xoxo, Lex



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